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Monday, May 10, 2010


Being creative is so much more fun than not…..wouldn’t you agree?  Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you intended, it was still a great little mental break.  I especially like the crafty crafts that are simple, but hold that “oh why didn’t I think of that” reaction.

Today’s feature is just like that. She has some really cool and thought out tutorials.  Some more difficult than others, some really simple.  Maybe that’s why she’s called Simply Modern Mom.

Her site is clean, simple and very well organized.  I love that.  Fun stuff.  Like these Mustaches……….So much fun to be had with those.  Great party ice breakers for sure.  It’s one of her many tutorials!  imageShe will show you step by step on how she made them….image I love step by step instructions.image Full of variety.  She also has a great tutorial on how to make glass pendants.  Still not quiet sure where she gets the glass squares, so I’ll have to make another trip back to her site and read that tutorial again.  image I just love the way that looks.  So organized and all.image She recently re-decorated her master bedroom.  I’ll let you head over to see it.  But I love this canvas art she did……looks like she used some collage methods.  It turned out great don’t you think?  How fun would this be with a family tree?  image OK, don’t get angry and start throwing things at me…….but I couldn’t resist this snowflake she made….I know we’re so done with cold weather……well most of us…..but let’s just bank this idea for next year.  image If you’re not into snowflakes, then how about a really yummy gooey brownie?  Oh heavens!  She has lots and lots of recipes on her site too.  imageBecause my readers are the best at surprising people……..head on over and let’s surprise her about her feature.  Leave her a warm brownie comment.


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Friday, April 23, 2010

Gift Wrapping ideas

Today while baking cookies for my new physical therapist, I wanted to make them look good……then maybe they wouldn’t think I was such a flake for missing and forgetting my last 2 appts.  I knew I had some kraft boxes left over from Christmas and I have a ton of ribbon…….done.  They looked good……hopefully they tasted good…….but most importantly…….hopefully I redeemed myself. 

But all that reminded me of this blog that Cindy sent me a while ago…….If you’re looking for ideas for gift giving or ways to wrap a gift………because you know it’s all in the presentation. 

Givers Log…’ll love it!imageThese framed beauties look so cute on a wrapped gift……however I think that would have been a bit over the top had I given the PT a box of cookies with a photo of me on it.  :)  Especially since that was the first time I had met them.  But for other gifts………..this is a perfect idea.


Now maybe I could have really went for it and made my own tiered plate trays.  Do you think they would have thought I was like Martha, or just really odd?imageI love these.  They don’t look too terribly difficult to make.  Love the rose knob pull they used.  She shows a full tutorial on her blog.image  While you have your tools out………..look at this ribbon holder.  I’ve seen a lot of ribbon holders in my day, but this is a first for this.  imageShe shows you everything you need to know.image She also has a few ideas for party favors, or teacher gifts.   I love these little wood sharpeners she added a monogram too.  All you need is a bit of mod podge. image    And this idea…..great for all those germ infested elementary schools.  Fighting germs doesn’t have to be ugly.imageI’m a day late and a dollar short on this idea…… would have been perfect for Earth Day!  This is also perfect for any gardener, teacher, etc….

Rolls of seed tape.  imageIf you need a bit more information, no worries. She’s got a full tutorial on her site.imageLooks easy enough, yea?imageI have never seen a cake that has writing on it…….like this one anyway.  This is really what I should have made the physical therapist…..only going on about how sorry I was and how I just don’t miss appts and waste people’s time…..That would have been cool…..but probably over the top too.imageimageOr had I had more time, I could have used a plate that I sprayed chalk board paint on….then written my message…….

    This blog will really come in handy for all times of the year.  Always nice to grab a new idea when you’re trying to impress someone.  :)

Have a great weekend.


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Thursday, January 21, 2010

She can draw pretty……..

Caroline is a mother.  Caroline is an artist.  Caroline is a designer.  Caroline is amazing.  She reminds of my online friend Ellen.  They design for the big guys……she’s a professional girl….Do try this at home, but don’t use her designs. :)

Designing for the Soul.

I LOVE her canvas collages…..and if I’m not calling them the right thing, it’s only out of ignorance…….not disrespect.  Ignore me.

And you all know I love pears.   Love this!pear-small Maybe it’s the liberal side of me……..maybe it’s the Oregonian in me……but love a good Peace sign.   This Peace sign isn’t going to smell like patchouli…….which I cannot tolerate……it looks more like strawberry jam on a sunny afternoon.  I love it too. peace-smallWe love birds!  They are everywhere…….everywhere that’s hip that is.  bird-smallThese are the cutest kitchen towels I’ve seen in a long time!  I think she’s on to something.  See?  More birds……..Ahhh, I love those.DSC_0056More…..joyful_largeShe’s got a great photo on her blog of her workspace…….you’ll have to go find it.  Look at all those paint brushes…….don’t you want to paint something?DSC_0207In this photo, she shows us how she puts color together.   I’m wishing I could see that 5th one a little closer. DSC_0345  She’s got cute kids……..twins even.  Yea yea….cute boys playing tag in the front yard………yea yea, they’re cute…….but what I really want to see is more of that house!  Doesn’t this look lovely?  Caroline?  Can you please humor us peeping toms and show more of your home?  DSC_0275

  When I was looking at her blog for the first time, these caught my eye.  I didn’t even know what they were, but I wanted them.  She designed them of course.   DSC_0060I have since learned they are Happeez Clippers.  So so cute.  She’s even giving some up for the giveaway tomorrow, so make sure to come back and enter. 

Here they are in action.ML2010catalog    I hope you’re all having a great week.  A creative week.  I love hearing from you. 

Also if you’re in the Phoenix area, I’ll be talking at the Bloggy Boot Camp, May 1st.  Click on Phoenix for more information.  I have no idea what I’ll talk about?  What would you want to hear from me? 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Graphics Fairy

I found Karen  with Graphics Fairy from my Get Your Craft On Tuesdays. She posted this project and I just fell in love with it.  It looks simple to actually do, but won’t look like a simple project when you’re done.  Plus with the holidays approaching, you may need a few extra of these……..unless all your furniture is distressed like mine and it doesn’t really matter……although water rings are hard to get off.


She has a great tutorial on her site.  You could have them done in time for the holidays…..


I love the rustic/french look.  Even better in that urn.



If you’re not a numbers fan, she has SO MANY vintage graphics to choose from.  All FREE!  She does have a few rules, so be sure to read up on them before going too crazy.

The possibilities are endless.  I’m loving this scrolly looking label. 

1aframescrolly005  Great ideas for putting on older bottles, or even your plastic soap dispenser……why not.  Much prettier than something saying “soft soap”.


I am drawn to anything eggs like flys drawn to………well you know what I mean.  I like em.  Eggs.  I like to look at them.  I like to eat them.  I may do something really crazy and make my coasters with the egg graphic.  Crazy talk.

eggsgerman2  Oh my…….this looks like you could use it for a blog header.  birdheaderbfairyofficeredo1You all know I have a peeping tom problem……I LOVE seeing other people’s homes.  I am so thrilled with blogging because so many people show us what they got…..decor and furniture people.  Gasp…..get your mind outta the gutter. 

Karen has another blog too called FleurishMore stuff to swoon over.  

I hope you’ll down load a few of her graphics, make something cool and then link it to my Get Your Craft On next Tuesday!

FYI- My feed/reader is messed up.  Not sure if it’s my fault or the feed/reader/burner etc….just re-sign up again.  Please.


This post is sponsored by a gal who makes some really cool, inexpensive pillows. 

SaSea Boutiqueil_430xN.92613532

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Forest Frolic

My eye is all about photography today…… know why?  I don’t want to brag, but………but I will.  I’m taking Karen Russell’s photography class and today is the first lesson.  I haven’t really read it yet, because I want to savor it, waiting for a moment when I don’t have a nerf bullets whizzing past my head every 5 seconds. 

I am visually attracted to this site. A Forest Frolic.  Love her photos, some of the angles, the vibrancy of colors.  It’s a new blog…….but I know she’s gonna be big.

She also has that bug to thrift………she found this cute little bird cage…….she wasn’t feeling the gold, so she did what every creative girl would do.  6a01156f85d24a970c0115709d127b970b-450wi

She painted it!  Isn’t that cute?



Here’s one of those photos I was talking about.  What a cutie.  Have I ever mentioned that my son has never had his face painted…….won’t do it.  He won’t even put fake tattoos on.  I hope he holds onto this  sacred body thing until at least age 24.  But it would be cute and offer a few photo ops for now.


She does it all.  She even does a bit of paper crafting.  Lots of ideas for great vintage tags…….she sells them in her Etsy shop.


Loving the crowns………


And these stars…….These may say Rock Star, but they say 4th of July to me.  Add a stick to these and have your own bouquet.6a01156f85d24a970c0115711ceffb970b-450wi

Did I say paper crafts?  Well don’t let this fool you………she used fabric on this card.  Love that.6a01156f85d24a970c0115711ce39c970b-450wi    

Summer is in full swing here………My son’s last day of school.  Even though I am just starting Karen’s class, I think  I got some pretty good shots of my son today coming off the bus. Check it out.

Also…..because I can’t keep a secret for long………I have a surprise for you all on Wednesday.  Yes, I do………

Monday, May 18, 2009

Things with Wings and Other Things

It's Monday! And I'm posting. I'm doing so good don't you think?

Today's feature is a blog with four amazing women. Four amazing women who are related. Four amazing women who all get along and have fun.........who create art! Things with Wings and Other things......a creative journal by a mom and her daughters. What a fabulous family to be in. I can hear them laughing and carrying on in my head. If I am ever in Des Moines.......I am SO going to make them let me hang out with them for an evening.

They have a couple of Etsy Shops......full of really fun art. Whimsical........hip.........energetic. Inspirational words fill many of their art pieces. This is so cute. I think it's my favorite., I actually think this birdy is my fav. This is a can pin it anywhere.

But what really knocks my socks off this is chair............ Just an chair that needs painting. I would probably just paint it creamy cream or black..........but not this group.
Look at the face!!! And the heart! This has to be my favorite.

They all will take turns writing you get a variety of personalities.......getting to know each one. The Mother and her daughters. I'm so jealous.
Wait............I really like the look of these stacking Hopes.............this could easily be my favorite too.
If you're in the Iowa area.......look for their shows. I'd imagine you'd just follow the laughter.
Thanks so much for all the comment love......... :) Now I must go take the pup outside.